Price List

We usually charge 30 USD per hour for design and 10 USD per hour for rendering time.

Timber Frame Design

It generally takes about 40–50 hours to complete a floor plan and shop drawings for a “30'×50' saltbox-like” frame, although multiple revisions in the floor plans may increase this number.

Since we design both complicated compound joinery and the basic saltbox type configuration of timber frame structures our prices are in a wide range. Price for shop drawings typically vary from $ 0.45 to $ 0.85 per square foot, depending on complexity of the frame. (These rates are informative, overall cost is hourly based as noted above)

We do not provide an engineer's stamp outside Czech Republic. There is a separate charge for it and the amount depends on the fee charged by a local engineer.

Additional fee is charged for comprehensive structural analysis, 3D modeling, and visualization.

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