Choosing Quality Logs for Timber Frame

When you plan on buying or cutting logs for a timber frame, it is very important to choose the ones suitable for high-quality beams.

Few suggestions to keep in mind

  • watch for a beetle damage in full length of the beam
  • watch for rot (fungi damage), especially on the ends
  • never use logs that have a large bow. Bowed logs make a bowed beams even if they are cut straight
  • make sure the diameter of the log is large enough for the beam you want. Remember, any bow will reduce the size of the beam that can be cut out of the log
  • do not choose material with large knots. They usually cause local checks when shrinking and considerably weaken the beam (strength in tension decreases)
  • consider width of annual rings. The thinner ring is the better. Wood with wide rings is a fast–growing, has smaller density, and its strength properties are worse

Last modified: 2014-03-20 21:08:06